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The ProSport Evolution series

The Evolution Series is the latest in a long line of high performance ProSport race cars.

Combining cutting-edge aerodynamics and constant improvements to its already awesome power-to-weight ratio, the Evolution Series is the fastest lap for your dollar.

About ProSport Racing

The latest in a long line of successful racing cars, the ProSport Evolution Series offers serious racing, combining cutting edge aerodynamics with and excellent power-to-weight ratio.

The rise and rise of ProSport Racing

For more than 20 years ProSport Racing has devoted itself to the business of making and supporting highly competitive, quality built and economic to run racing cars.

We are constantly investing in people and facilities in order that we can maintain our position at the very forefront of Australian race car design and construction.

Company director, Grant Watson has been involved in motor racing for more than 20 years, as a competitive driver and race car engineer. For 15 years his Saturday nights were spent throwing a sprint car around Australian circuits at 180kph.

The beginning of the dream: unparalleled race performance

In 1994, Grant was offered a drive of a Sports 1300 at Lakeside Raceway. The car's owner, Tony Jewel, was stunned when within a few laps the car was circulating at near track record times. It was on this day that Watson's old adage "Dirt's for Racing - Bitumen's for getting there" changed.

This experience prompted Grant to design and build his own lightweight racer, using efficient aerodynamics to help overcome the limits of the small 1300cc motor. His first car was named the Esprit and it rolled out of his factory in 1996.

After a successful introduction to Sports Car racing and constant research into increasing the performance of his first car, it was back to the drawing board.

In 1996, ProSport Developments built Mallock Mk31 race cars under Licence from Mallock in the UK. These cars were specifically built to race in the CAMS Sports Car Class and several are still being competitively raced today powered by front mounted single cam Suzuki and Toyota car engines.

The most notable being the car of Supersports Club President, Richard Crawshay who was the runner up in the over 1320cc Championships.

Better aerodynamics and more power

By late 1997 the knowledge base within the company of circuit track racing and track car construction was well and truly harnessed. The days of winged sprint cars and high horsepower was to form the basis of the companies next creation. Put simply, better aero and more power.

Aerodynamics was the key, and it certainly showed on his next car, the Pentium. The striking shape of the Pentium, complete with high F1 type nose to allow better cooling as the air now entered through the front of the left side pod into the small radiator.

The need for more efficient cooling was a must with the now larger and more powerful twin cam Suzuki engine. Packed with many innovative ideas and awesome ground effect aero, the Pentium won the 1999 National Championships at Willowbank in Queensland with Watson at the wheel.

In 2001 the Pentium was sold to George Davis in Sydney. George took out the the NSW State Championship in 2006.