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The synergy of the aerodynamic body and down force elements produces impressive ground effects that suck the Evolution to the bitumen.

Specifications Aerodynamics

Aerodynamic testing for greater "suck"Aerodynamics is the key element in most race cars and, an area where in-depth research and development has been focused while evolving the ProSport Evolution Series.

Utilising the latest design technology and race proven Le Man Sports Car features, an initial aero dynamic body shape was designed and plotted for efficiency testing.

Ground effects: Hit the accelerator, suck the road and watch your opponents disappear in your rear mirror

Dr Henry Brammer of Queensland University Engineering Department conducted a thesis study into the aerodynamic effects of the ProSport race car design.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), with its ability to simulate wind tunnel testing prior to construction, identified any key aerodynamic deficiencies and lift areas.

The CFD model offered detailed quantitative analysis alongside cutting edge flow visualisation showing the air flow around the vehicle. This lead to an appraisal of the aerodynamic effectiveness of the vehicle and numerous beneficial alterations were made. The final model was produced using a combination of GAMBIT and FLUENT CFD packages.

The addition of adjustable rear wing element, front splitter and dive planes further complimented the low drag design and complex under tray.

The confirmed synergy of the aerodynamic body and down force elements produces impressive ground effects race car.

The actual sensation of being "sucked" onto the black top becomes apparent once the car accelerates over 110kph.

The low pressure pocket produces phenomenal road holding at all speeds and astonishingly remains at force until the car drops below 35kmph.

High speed confidence is natural in a car with true ground effects.


The body of the ProSport Evolution Series is available in either gel-coated fibre glass or carbon fibre for those seeking additional weight reduction