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The chassis of the ProSport Evolution features amazing rigidity and strength.

The tubular space frame chassis is reinforced by aerospace alloy honeycomb bonded between stressed aircraft 6061 alloy sheeting.

This combination offers tortional rigidity almost three times the CAMS requirement.

This strength allows superb handling and performance while ensuring driver safety.

Specifications Chassis

The ProSport Evolution Series race-winning chassis has been designed using state of the art CAD techniques and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) coupled with rigorous on track testing and competition racing.

The tubular space frame chassis is reinforced utilising aerospace alloy honeycomb bonded between stressed aircraft 6061 alloy sheeting.

The combination results in a tremendously strong chassis that amazed RAAF engineers during the torsional rigidity test.

The resultant deflection-per-degree figures are quite astounding at 7,000 Nm/degree, more than double the CAMS requirement of 2,500 Nm/degree.

Our construction method ensures the structural integrity and rigidity that is vital to race car safety and performance.

Side impact protection on both sides of the chassis and at the front of the car offer the driver exceptional protection in the event of a crash.

The rollover hoop is over spec and is constructed in driver only or full width. The rollover hoop is integrated with the chassis frame, further enhancing chassis rigidity and providing an exceptional degree of safety for the occupants

The cockpit is designed and approved for single seat CAMS 2C SuperSports Class. Its design also provides an option for passenger seat, making the car a sensational sponsor and track day car.

The ProSport Evolution Series can compete in sanctioned CAMS events as well as a wide variety of race championship and classes. These include Australian Motor Racing Series – Thundersports, AASA and many other club racing events.