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Flexibility and power

Specifications Engine

The ProSport Evolution Series is designed with flexibility in mind.

Drivers have different needs and the design of the ProSport Evolution Series allows drivers an almost unprecedented amount of flexibility when it comes to the engine.

Based on experience level, budget and the racing events drivers wish to compete in, engine specifications are the key variable. The ProSport Evolution is capable of addressing those needs or changing on an "as needed" basis.

Our range of engines offer cost effective horsepower and performance increases without compromising the cars structural integrity, performance or the owner's bank account.

To facilitate this degree of flexibility, our engines have similar weight and external physical dimensions.

The Kawasaki ZX R 2001 – 2007 range of engines were chosen after intensive research and testing.

Revolutionary manufacturing techniques of these CAD designed engines represented a quantum leap in sophistication and reliability.

From their brilliant electronic fuel injection and engine management system to a super strong 6 speed sequential gear box, this range of engines offered a true performance solution.

These stock engines are then modified and tuned at our factory to meet client requirements.

Kawasaki ZX Series Options
Engine Horsepower
ZX 11 R 190HP
ZX 11 R Turbo 210HP
ZX 12 R 215HP
ZX 12 R Turbo 230HP - 265HP+
ZX 14 R 220HP+
ZX 14 R Turbo 245HP - 300HP+

Engine change over can be best described as a 2hour "Plug and Play" task.

Usually the need for more speed and power could mean a complete change of car, class and club or a very expensive engine upgrade. This level of cost effective and functional flexibility is a rarity in motor racing.