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Perfect weekend for the Evolution 3

Factory driver Grant Watson wins all 4 races, dominating Round 1 at Morgan Park.

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Greg Doyle tests upgraded Evolution

Greg Doyle enjoyed his first race in the upgraded Evolution 2 at Morgan Park.

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ProSport Evolution: the fastest lap for your dollar

Established in 1996, ProSport Developments manufactures race-winning, innovative and superbly engineered racing cars.

Supersports Racing is fast becoming the class of choice for those seeking the "Fastest Lap per Dollar". In terms of outright acceleration, cornering speed and braking ability, the performance of the ProSport Evolution Series is only rivaled by some Formula style cars or big budget V8's.

As fast as a Porsche at a quarter of the price

Lapping faster than Porsches at many circuits at a quarter of the price, the exhilarating performance of the ProSport Evolution Series has been achieved without compromising style or safety.

All aspects of the car reflect the latest technology available from aerodynamic design to mechanical engineering.

The Power of Choice and Flexibility

The ProSport Evolution can compete in sanctioned CAMS events and a wide variety of race championship and classes. These include Australian Motor Racing Series - Thundersports, AASA and many other club racing events.

Based on experience level, budget and chosen event, engine specifications are a key variable. The ProSport Evolution is capable of addressing those needs or changing on an "as needed" basis.

Our range of engines offer cost-effective horsepower and performance without compromising structural integrity, performance or your bank account.