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Greg Doyle tests out the upgraded Evolution 2

23-25 February, 2007

Impressive performance from Greg Doyle as he enjoys putting his upgraded Evolution 2 through its paces

Qld Motor Racing Championships: Round 1, Morgan Park

Sydney restaurateur and ProSport driver Greg Doyle was unable to resist testing out his upgraded Evolution 2 in the first race at Morgan Park.

Originally in Queensland only to pick up his newly-upgraded Evolution 2, Doyle qualified on the front row during his impromptu appearance.

Enjoying the improved performance of his Evolution 2, Doyle finished second behind ProSport's Grant Watson before a previously-planned photo shoot for his famous Sydney restaurant forced his retirement from the Round.

Despite having his session cut short by his business commitments, Doyle was enthusiastic about the increased performance and handling of the Evolution 2 and is looking forward to aggressive racing in 2007.

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