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Aerodynamics generating incredible ground force, a rigid durable chassis, innovative suspension and impressive power-to-weight ratio truly make the Evolution a driver's car.

The Evolution is purpose built for aggressive racing while ensuring driver safety.






ProSport Evolution Specifications

  • Dimensions

    Evolution blueprint
    • Length 2.311mm – 2.374mm (adjustable)
    • Width 1524mm Front 1473mm Rear
    • Clearance 48mm Front 65mm Rear
    • Weight 390 – 420kg (Dry weight, depending on options)
  • Engine

    The Kawasaki engine sreams around the track
    • Kawasaki ZX 12 R 185HP - Stage 1. Pistons/Sleeves to reduce to 1104cc (CAMS Class Limit)
    • more about the engine
  • Engine Options

    • Kawasaki ZX 12 R Turbo 225HP+
    • Kawasaki ZX 14 R 220HP ++
    • Kawasaki ZX 14 R Turbo 240HP+
    • Optional enhancements will produce 10 -25% increase in HP.
  • Transmission

    Six-speed and silky smooth
    • Six-speed sequential gearbox
    • Quaife Auto Torque Bias sensing differential unit IRS
    • Reverse Gear
    • Options: Electronic push button or paddle shift.
    • more about the transmission
  • Chassis

    Light-weight and incredibly rigid
    • Space Frame designed using FEA (Finite Element Analysis)
    • Treated RHS 98mpa. Aluminium honeycomb floor, bulkheads and centre board. Double Sheeted with stressed 6061 aircraft alloy panelling.
    • Independant structural integrity testing results: three times the class requirement of 2500Nm
    • more about the chassis
  • Suspension

    Quality suspension for excellent handling
    • Double "A" arm – pushrod with double adjustable shocks
    • Double adjustable Coil over Shock Absorbers
    • Pushrod/Rocker activated, combining front and rear sway bars in the rocker ratio
    • Anti-dive and Anti Squat characteristics
  • Wheels and Tyres

    Alloy wheels with lightweight centres
    • Centre lock 3 piece alloy wheels with lightweight centres
    • Front 7.5" x 15"
    • Rear 9" x 16"
    • Recommended Dunlops and Avons - Slicks or wets
  • Bodywork

    Carbon fibre or fibre glass
    • Lightweight 3 piece removable panels
    • Alloy front and side splitters. Alloy dive planes
    • Moulded rear diffuser and adjustable rear wing.
    • Option: Carbon Fibre or Fibre Glass body work and rear wing
  • Brakes

    Quality Willwood brakes make sure you can drive aggressively
    • Willwood 4 piston callipers
    • Revolution 12" lightweight ventilated rotors
    • Brakeman Carbon Pads
    • Optional: Brakeman 4 Piston Caliper
    • more about the brakes
  • Cockpit

    Fully featured cockpit
    • Custom driver set fitting and pedal box
    • Quick release steering wheel
    • Dash mounted brake bias adjustment
    • Oil temperature, Oil pressure and Water temperature gauges
  • Instrumentation

    • GPS dash on steering wheel
    • High intensity LED display data logging, track maps, revs, speed, shift lights, lap/race times and lap overlays
    • Analysis Software