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Smooth, robust 6 speed sequential supported by a 6 plate heavy duty race clutch activated with either electronic button/paddle shift or gear stick shift.

Specifications Transmission

The ProSport Evolution Series gives drivers features usually only found in Formula style race cars.

From the cockpit to the to the rear wheels the Evolution offers the ultimate in efficiency, usability and most importantly performance.

With ProSport's committment to racing performance, our view is that transmission starts in the cockpit.

Evolution: Get off the line, fast every time

Getting off the line when the lights go green can make all the difference to your performance on the track that day.

The Evolution's innovative line-lock button on the steering wheel allows the driver to easily apply high revs, without the need to hold the brake.

When the light goes green, simply hit the line-lock button, dump the clutch and take off like a rocket.

Drive is delivered to the Evolution's rear using a Low Modulus Flexible Drive Belt. The system offers a light-weight solution and low energy loss compared to gear box or shaft drives systems.

The same technology is used on the brutal superchargers of drag racing cars and used in preference to chains on high-horsepower drag bikes.

The rear wheels are driven by a Quaife Auto Torque Biasing differential. The Quaife ATB Differential also provides the car with reverse gear, which is a requirement by most motor racing bodies.